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The challenges are increasing and opportunities to address our challenges are emerging. In response, Floridians for Water (the Committee) was formed. Floridians for Water is a Florida Political Committee.

The purpose and goal of the Committee is to operate in the political arena, by supporting the election of candidates whose goals include ensuring a safe, sustainable, abundant, and affordable water supply for Florida.

The Committee seeks the support of all who are affected by, and interested in, water quantity and water quality issues, including individuals, businesses, utilities, developers, engineers, builders, suppliers, farmers, ranchers, and environmental and other related interests.

Of course, contributing to a campaign does not guarantee success with substantive legislation or funding. But the time has come to ensure that water issues become a priority for our political leadership and elected officials.

To be successful, all stakeholders must be a part of the solution. We must unite in our efforts to ensure that the State makes the necessary investments to implement projects ensuring the efficient use and re-use of water, providing an ample supply clean safe water for people, farms and our environment. Our communities must learn to work together, across political boundaries, to share in the protection and development of Florida's water resources.

Floridians for Water will operate in the electoral arena to promote election of candidates who support Florida's water resources and their responsible development.

Florida Water Advocates will work to educate legislators and others about Florida's critical water resource needs.

The time is now! Please join us in this effort.

Paid political advertisement paid for by Floridians for Water, 201 West Park Avenue, Suite 100, Tallahassee FL 32301. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
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